Take Action

mock up tombstone

If you happen to have a friend or family member who is a cold case, the waiting is one of the most trying aspects.  In my case part of how I fill the time waiting to see if Patty’s case moves forward somehow is to take some sort of action.  I visited her gravesite and after discovering that she has only a small marker rather than a tombstone, my dream is to fund the placement of a proper tombstone at her burial site.  That may be tricky as I’d need the consent of the family member who owns the site.  But it very well may be possible to fund a tree in her honor and have it placed on the Holy Cross cemetery site somewhere if purchasing a tombstone doesn’t pan out.

The way someone else takes action may look very different from this.  Take the mother of Aubrey Abrakasa, who was shot multiple times.  She regularly shows up the the San Francisco supervisors’s meetings to draw attention to her son’s 2006 murder which is now a cold case.  On the anniversary of her son’s shooting, she stands at the corners of Grove and Baker Streets to advocate for her son and the families of other murder victims.  She hands out fliers and speaks to the media about her son’s murder.  What an inspiration.  I admire her tirelessness and dedication to finding answers to her son’s death.

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