What Would You Do?



I can’t help think about what Kris Barbrich said about reaching out to whomever I can to get some attention focused on Patty Vance’s case. Now is no better time to get the word out about cold cases. There are true crime television programs, podcasts, and websites that either highlight or are dedicated to the cause of exploring unsolved homicides. Cold Case Files ran from 2003-2010 and is going to get a reboot. There is an entire television station dedicated to true crime: Investigation Discovery. Luckily, there are many more podcasts that are specifically focused on unsolved murders. I’m hooked on Cold Traces right now, and have dipped my toe in a few episodes of Cold Case Notes from the Goober State. Here is the run down on the first show, presumably written by its host, Cristina.

Cold Traces is a true crime podcast that gives a voice to family members, advocates, and others fighting for justice and resolution in cold cases.

Carol Laverty who hosts Cold Case Notes from the Goober State, I’m guessing also wrote up what I’m referring to as her show’s mission statement. Here it is:

I will be focusing on cold cases and hope that by getting them out there in the public and getting people talking again, we may have a resolution.

Both these women are putting together shows without a whole lot of experience and likely even less financial backing. Way to go, I say. What I’ve been wondering of late is whether I should make efforts to get Patty Vance’s homicide aired on one of these podcasts, or perhaps some other one. What would you do? Clearly some friends and family members have come forward to get their loved ones’ cases publicity. I imagine giving interviews isn’t the most comfortable situation for many people. But in the end, it is not about the advocate or family member, or his or her discomfort. Everything about the process of trying to find justice is way outside everyone’s comfort zone. That’s beside the point. It is ultimately about the victim.

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