Paulette Brown Walks the Walk



I know this page is dedicated to sharing the story of my friend’s cold case. Although I might not always write about my experiences directly, I am writing what inspires me at the time. Of course, what inspires me is always going to be related to my story, albeit at times peripherally.

Take for instance my interest in the Aubrey Abrakasa case. I mentioned his mother in another blog, holding her up as an example of how to take action as a family member or loved one of a homicide victim. Today I wanted to write a little more about Mr. Abrakasa’s case and highlight the organization that his mother started. I’ve been doing a little research about his case, partly because Paulette Brown, his mother, has been quite outspoken about wanting to get her son’s homicide case solved. These are the details of the crime:

On Aug. 14, 2006, Abrakasa was on his way to work when he saw a man with a gun. Brown says the gunman was aiming for someone else, but her son was hit 30 times with a semi-automatic weapon.

When police and paramedics arrived, they transported Abrakasa to San Francisco General Hospital, where he died six hours later. He was 17.

Brown says her son was a good kid. He had never been arrested or in trouble with the law, and was an active figure in the community. “He played basketball, went to school, got good grades,” Brown said. “He was going to graduate —  before he could graduate he was murdered.”

Ms. Brown feels that the suspect should be charged with her son’s homicide. She also says that she doesn’t blame the SFPD for her son’s case not going to trial. She wants the District Attorney to bring  it to trial. I’ve wanted to interview Ms. Brown for this blog for a while now, but have been working on learning the details of the case as well as writing up some questions. In other words, I wanted to be prepared. And after reading a bit about the case, I find my most pressing question now is why do you think the DA won’t bring charges against the guy? I was seriously thinking maybe I would write a letter to the DA about Patty Vance’s case. I remember when I spoke to Kris Barbrich with the Medical Examiner’s office, he encouraged me to keep going up the ladder if I don’t get the help I want in the criminal justice system.

My real point in bringing up the case is to draw attention to an organization that exists in San Francisco for those families of homicide victims. It’s called The Healing Circle for the Soul Group. It meets twice a month in SF. The website lists Paulette Brown as the contact person. You can find the group on Facebook.  I’m going to put attending one of these meetings on my to do list.  Here’s hoping that Ms. Brown’s efforts to get her son’s case solved are not for nothing. She’s a shining example of someone who walks the walk. More groups like this one should be out there to lend support to friends and families of homicide victims.

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