So Many Questions

questions4The biggest question that has been nagging at me lately is how hard to press law enforcement. A lot of what I deduce about how law enforcement operates is based on what I see on television. I have to say that upfront. On many a show, I’ve heard it said by law enforcement officers in some cases they were motivated to try a little harder because of pressure from a family member.

But what if they’re already working as hard as they can within reason? It’s hard to judge from the outside looking in how hard the detective in charge of Patty’s cold case is working. He sounds like he is doing his best, but what else could he say? I’ve been making contact with the San Francisco Police Department maybe once a year. That sure doesn’t seem excessive.

Maybe it’s magical thinking to believe that my pressuring them to work on the case has
had any influence of their investigation. I wonder why it is that Detective Cunningham said the DNA evidence came to nothing. I couldn’t ascertain if that meant there was no good DNA sample, or that there were too many, or if there was a CODIS hit, but no corroborating evidence. This is the sort of frustration you feel when law enforcement only let’s information out in a trickle. It’s like a puzzle that will likely never get solved.

I know I probably watch too much crime television, but I thought the other day when I watched a show in which a 3-D bust was composed by Paragon DNA just based on DNA. The suspect was caught and convicted and the resemblance was surprisingly accurate. I had a fantasy that the SFPD could do something like that; if the bust resembled the prime suspect, then it’d seem to be “corroborating evidence.” Magical thinking on my part yet again. The fantasy hinges on there being DNA evidence, and I now don’t know if there is. I feel so in the dark right now. Detective Cunningham thought he share so much information with me when we last spoke, but I feel more informed.


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